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When you are ready and have agreed with yourself that you need to take action, I will work with you to get you "Unstuck" - Unsticking you from being at the wrong level or place of work, Unsticking you in your current thinking, or your perception of how others see you - or Unsticking you from an all consuming Conflict.  By helping you to "Unstick" yourself, you will understand and challenge yourself in your work and in your home life.  Message, call or email me for an initial chat to see what we can do together.  In "What my clients say" you can read the experiences of recent clients.  They report a significant change with:

  • Improved Self Confidence, Assertiveness and Self Esteem 

  • Clarity on Leadership Development approach for High Performing Individuals

  • Real Personal Growth and Engagement

  • Wider perspective on Career Path and Performance Development 

  • Better approach to Conflict Management

Biography and approach to Coaching


Following a long career in the Broadcast and Telecommunications industries, I work with people and teams as a supportive and empathetic executive and career Coach.  I focus on helping my clients understand themselves better at work, their life challenges and their goals.  I prioritise trust, understanding, empathy and a close working relationship in my coaching.  I have helped my clients to move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose and energy.  I engage with people in a spirit of respect, confidentiality and total focus on serving them to realise their true potential.

Paul Austin, Executive, Career and Life Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

paul@thegreatcoachingcompany.com07703 190591 - 01732 741981

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