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Who do I work with ?


I work with established Chief Executives, Directors, Business Owners and fellow Coaches in their Business lives, and especially within the Broadcast, Creative, Technology and IT Industries.  

What will you get from working with me ?


Greater self-awareness about what is going on for you and how you are presenting yourself to others.  You will also be better able to challenge yourself and make actionable plans for where you want to develop or what direction to take in your career.  

How do we start things off ?


When you are ready, please message, call or email me for a free initial chat to talk things through, how coaching works what you want to achieve and how we will make it happen. 


How can I find out how you work and what you have achieved with your clients ?

In "What my clients say" you can read the experiences of recent clients.  They report a significant change with:

  • Developing Actionable Plans for getting where they want to in a structured way.

  • Improved Self Awareness, Confidence, Assertiveness and Self Esteem 

  • Real Personal Growth and Engagement

  • Wider perspective on Career Path and Performance Development 

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Why work with me ?

Following careers in TV and Satellite Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Projects, Sales and Account Management, I have a wealth of experience to draw on and to apply to working both on one's own self-awareness and confidence to make decisions - both for yourself and working with others - colleagues, customers, bosses, stakeholders and other key individuals.  I offer a calm and supportive approach, and by developing your self-awareness and confidence, I will work with you to move towards your goals, future and your development.

Paul Austin, Executive, Career and Life Coach and Mentor 
paul@thegreatcoachingcompany.com07703 190591 - 01732 741981

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