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These comments come from recent coachees who have offered to write testimonials on their experiences of working with me 

“Paul has been immensely helpful in coaching my development. I had been struggling with identifying a clear path forward and having the self-belief to start working in a new field. Coming from a working environment where everything seems to come from all directions in a random fashion, Paul helped me clear my mind and allowed me to see the success that was possible.
I found that our sessions were highly practical too – it wasn’t just me opening up (although that helps the process) but Paul has a workbook of exercises that he can draw on and you never felt this was experimental but had immense value. Right from the get-go Paul was completely honest – reflecting back what he saw and immediately created a space for both of us to mull over the situations I was in and it felt like we shared and crafted what might be the best way forward.

Patience is another word that springs to mind, Paul has that in an endless quantity! He also cares immensely and you feel that you have a life-long companion too, so the sessions might have stopped, but the connection remains.”   This person is an Senior IT professional.

"Thank you so much for all your help over the past 2 months. I have had many excellent coaching experiences and I rate this one as one of the best. I loved the way you created a totally open, expanded space for me to think about some deep, hard things I was grappling with. I was dealing with something that has been part of my life and annoying me for years. You managed, by listening and sharing your observations with me, to help me gain new insights into the issue. You never forced me to rush through it in order to achieve an “outcome” and instead you allowed me to go deeper but move forward and consequently getting the best outcome I could hope for. Thank you so much. You have a great gift to share with the world.”    This person is an Executive Coach.

“I worked with for Paul several months, during which time I found him to be an excellent coach. He has been a great sounding board to discuss various challenges I have faced, bringing a different approach and way of viewing things, which has helped me to achieve better results. He is very personable, easy to talk to and honest with his feedback, whilst always remaining tactful. He uses a variety of tools which have given me insights that have assisted me in taking some difficult decisions".  This person is a Social Entreprise specialist.

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