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Your 5 Step self-confidence building programme

Here is my 5 step programme to get you moving forward in the way you truly want. 

1. EXPLORE - We look at what is going on for you, the challenges you have and how you see the world

2. EVALUATE - Together we question your assumptions, the positions you take, your current vision

3. EDIT - This is the chance to re-focus your thinking, perspectives, reaction to events and your goals

4. EVOLVE - Now we look at stretching and challenging you to help you develop your potential

5. EXCEL - With everything in place, an Actionable plan agreed, and your thinking, feelings and actions aligned this is your time to shine !

Suggested commitment is six x 60' sessions - First introductory conversation is complimentary.  Pricing is available on demand and is based on affordability criteria.

Paul Austin, Executive, Career and Life Coach, Mentor - 01732 741981 - 07703 190591

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